Choosing a Night Guard

Wearing a night guard is a smart choice in protecting your teeth. It will help you avoid expensive dental restorative procedures and prevent damage to your teeth, gums and jaw. But choosing a night guard might not seem easy at first. If you’re unsure which guard is right for you, we hope to simplify things a little.


If the night guard is not comfortable, you are less likely to wear it, and then it won’t do you any good at all. So you want your night guard to feel comfortable enough to wear it every night. If you’ve stopped wearing a night guard in the past because it was too hard or uncomfortable, then definitely consider a softer guard.

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The next thing to consider is durability. We all like things to last, and that includes night guards. Thicker guards, and those made from stronger materials will last longer. If the idea of replacing your guard every 3-6 months seems too often (or you want it to last as long as possible), consider a stronger, more durable guard.

A simple way to think about this is to choose the hardest night guard that you still consider comfortable.

And remember that with our low cost subscription service, you can pay as little as $40 for a new night guard. So if you want the thinnest, most comfortable guard possible, or if your existing guard is starting to get a little funky, replacements are super easy and low-cost.

Each of our guards is made using the highest medical-grade quality materials available, with the most advanced technology used in dental labs today. BITEKNIGHT has twenty years of experience making night guards for dentists; we are experts. Below you will find some more details about each guard that will help you make the best decision. But even if you change your mind, remember that BITEKNIGHT is committed to your satisfaction, and we’ll work with you to get a replacement guard right away.


If you know you are a heavy grinder or suspect that you may be because you see signs of wear on your teeth, then the smartest decision is to get the Armor guard. It’s like a futuristic suit of armor for your teeth. It doesn’t have the same soft inner surface as both the Shield and the Flex guards, but this guard is much more comfortable than the hard acrylic night guards you may have experienced before.

Our Armor guard is made from a space-age polymer that is one of the most advanced materials used in dentistry today. Our lab is ahead of the curve in implementing the latest technology, and this night guard is no exception. Each one is custom designed with specialized dental software and then 3D printed for a perfect custom fit for your teeth. The material has special properties that allow it to become somewhat softer at oral temperature to improve fit and comfort, yet it remains incredibly durable.

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The Shield is the most balanced in comfort and durability and is a very common choice. It has a hard outer layer to provide protection from teeth grinding and a soft inner layer making it easy to wear. It has similar comfort to the Flex guard, but with significantly improved durability.

If you’ve quickly worn through a custom-fitted soft night guard or a boil and bite guard, then the Shield guard is a great next step. Or, if you are completely unsure about which guard to choose, then this is also a good starting point. If you’ve stopped wearing a rigid acrylic guard in the past because it was too uncomfortable, then the Shield guard is also a great transition choice.

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The soft night guard is the most comfortable option, though it won’t last as long as the other guards. So if you are sure you don’t grind your teeth heavily, or want to start with the most comfortable option available, then the soft night guard is a good place to start.

The soft guard is made in a uniform thickness from a relatively soft EVA rubber-like material. It actually stretches over your teeth slightly to ensure a snug yet still comfortable fit.

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Again, no matter which guard you choose, remember that BiteKnight is committed to your satisfaction. If you decide that you’d like to change your guard for any reason after receiving it, we will work with you to find a better option.