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  • Bulletproof protection against bruxism; the ultimate armor for your teeth
  • Incredible strength & durability - withstands heavy grinding for extended periods
  • Smart material becomes slightly flexible at oral temperature for improved comfort
  • Digitally designed and 3D-printed for precise and predictable fit


If you sometimes feel like your teeth grinding could pulverize concrete, we challenge you to try the Armor guard. It’s as tough as they come for night guards, made out of a new, advanced polymer that is highly resistant to breaking and wearing down. Even the heaviest grinders will get impressive use out of the Armor guard.

Despite its incredible durability, the Armor guard is actually quite comfortable. It’s designed with advanced dental CAD software and 3D printed with the space-age polymer for precise fit. Its unique chemistry also permits it to soften slightly at oral temperature, relaxing the feel over your teeth.

You know it’s smart to save money by getting your guard directly from BITEKNIGHT and skipping the dentist - why not get a guard that will last as long as possible and get the most value out of your investment?




The Armor guard is designed to be worn on the upper arch of teeth. 


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The Armor guard is made from a methacrylate-based 3D printing resin which has been shown to have comparable wear and fracture characteristics to traditional bite guard materials, with much greater toughness and thermoplasticity (flexibility).

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Care Instructions

Clean with a mild soap and soft brush on a daily basis. For more detailed care instructions, please see our use & care guide.

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Chuck M.
United States United States


Fit was perfect and turn around time was less than a week after sending back the molds.

Holly W.
United States United States

Fit was perfect

I was in need of a new night bite guard, but was once dreading the cost and knowing the drug store generic guard would not work, I found the Bitenight website. The process was easy, the support and review of my impressions was helpful. I recieved the guards, and the fit was perfect. I highly recomend Biteknight. Their customer service is outstanding!

Kelly T.

Responsive customer service

Short, sweet, and very responsive service from start to finish. This is my third purchase from this company over the past 3+ years or so. The top guard from the first round got a bit grody, so springing for a new one finally. As others, including myself, have reported, it makes sense to take care with the impression process a bit first time. It makes sense to do so. However, if you haven't done this before and you have any doubts, it would be worth calling to make sure you are doing it right. Worth every penny. I am grateful!

Tristan G.

Easy process with great results

The process was easy! Less than two weeks than my dentist was quoting and charged $550 to do. And the mouthguard came out perfect... and even though the impression did not come out great at first, I wasn’t charged for a do-over. The customer service was really good too.

James K.

Easy to order and good quality

The process to form the impressions was detailed, but not difficult. Also, the night guard can be made to fit one’s personal level of grinding. I chose harder because I’m a heavy grinder. This is, by far, the best night guard I’ve ever purchased.

Sarah J.

As good as dentist office

My husband has a guard from the original dentist's office he ordered in 2012 through his dental insurance that cost more than his health insurance in 2012. My dental insurance does not cover this. I found this through a Google ad and decided to try it because of the custom fitting process. I received it fast, and it was just as good as my dental guard made by a dentist's office.

Aisha S.

Perfect fit, lightweight comfort

BiteKnight’s night guard is everything I wanted but never found in a night guard. I am a serious teeth grinder, and my last two molars on the bottom were suffering. I had tried through my dentist a night guard that was hard but I would never end up wearing it because it was simply too big and heavy in my mouth. When I read about BiteKnight’s night guard, I figured I would give it a try since if I didn't like it I could return it. However, I absolutely love it. I have now been wearing it for three weeks, and I think it is the best thing since sliced cheese!

Alex E.
United States United States

High quality at a great price

Instructions for the impressions were very clear and easy to follow and the guards fit perfectly!

Cole M.

Amazing value

The fit is perfect. It is noticeable for a few days if you haven’t worn it in a few days but just soak it in hot water for 15-20 seconds and it becomes easy to fit again. I haven’t had to take my couple extra-strength Tylenol for my TMJ since I started wearing it. The cost comparison of this night guard to the one I got at the dentist is a joke. Theirs was at least 5x more. I also love that I get alerted when all the shipments are sent and about to be delivered. I have referred 3 people to BiteKnight so far.

Paul W.


I am a long-time night grinding sufferer! This was my 2nd night guard. My previous one was from another company, but the procedure was quite similar: the kit had trays for both upper and lower gums, 3 sizes for each so you could make a series of impressions and choose your best (there was also a prepaid return label which made the return so easy). The night guard is better than my last and as high quality as the one from the dentist for a quarter of the price! The customer service is EXCEPTIONAL. I mean exceptional - each email has a personal tone and care. They let me know where I am right at every checkpoint of this process. At the end of the whole process, every time I pull it out, I say - so glad I did it and glad that I chose to have it through BiteKnight Labs, not the dentist's office. I appreciate that it is made in the USA.

Jake T.


I get skeptical of sites that have only really good reviews, but this stuff was legit. The impression material was a bit tricky when I tried it, but that didn't matter because they sent enough to have a do-over. Turnaround time was less than two weeks, including shipping from the first impression I sent out. So far, the BiteKnight is basically the best - legitimate and tight to my teeth like a Snap-On Retainer. Great work. I'll be referring my friend.

Jen R.

BiteKnight delivers a good product

I'm very satisfied with my BiteKnight nightguard. My retainer from my orthodontist just wasn't cutting it anymore, with big holes from grinding my teeth. When I found BiteKnight's website, I listened to several testimonials and put my order in. I wanted the hard acrylic version, and everything is exactly as BiteKnight promised. The turnaround time for getting the package was quick, as was the turnaround time for receiving the finished product. Correspondence from the lab was timely, and that made the transactions that much better.

Helen B.

They will not give up on you :)

If there was an option to do so I would give 5 stars for customer service but unfortuantely it took some time to get the right fit for me. After multiple guards and impression molds we finally have something that fits right but I think it took a month and was quite frustrating at times.

Karen T.

Exceeds expectations, excellent service

My BiteKnight night guard has exceeded my expectations. The customer service has been excellent, and the kit comes with helpful instructions to mold your impression in the case they provide. Shipping is very fast. My night guard fits beautifully, even though they will fine-tune it until you are satisfied. I love this product so much that I am raving about it to friends.

Casey R.

Great customer service

BiteKnight went ABOVE AND BEYOND to make sure I got what I needed without destroying my bank account - they even remade the guard with my updated impression for free when it turned out I needed some adjustments! The customer service was prompt, polite, and incredibly helpful. I will definitely be buying from BiteKnight again.

Bill C.

Best for heavy grinding

I wear a heavy grinding night guard — now working on my second one. Highly recommend this style for an occlusal guard if you are a grinder or clencher. Relieves grinding headaches efficiently