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      • Best combination of comfort and durability!
      • Dual-ply material features soft liner for comfort and outer acrylic shell to help your guard last
      • Flexible and easy to place, with strong protection against teeth grinding
      • Great first guard if you are unsure which product is right for you, or for mild to moderate grinders

      Sleek and unobtrusive, the Shield focuses on comfort with a padded liner and thin outer acrylic shell to extend the life of the guard. It follows the contours of your teeth so closely that you may even forget you are wearing it. In fact the thinner Shield makes a great daytime guard - in most cases it will not significantly impact your speech.

      The Shield is a great choice if you have never worn a night guard before and are unsure where to start. It is comfortable and flexible, but the outer acrylic shell will help it last longer than softer guards. Or if you want the most balanced combination of durability and comfort, the Shield is the best option.


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      The Shield guard is made of a dual ply material with a soft liner made from EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) that is commonly used in many types of medical devices, and an outer acrylic shell.

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      Care Instructions

      Clean with a mild soap and soft brush on a daily basis. For more detailed care instructions, please see our use & care guide.

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      Sarah M.
      United States United States

      Pleasantly Surprised

      I 100% would recommend this company. It was fast, painless, and easy to do. I was skeptical to do a mail order guard with doing my own impressions. BiteKnight makes it foolproof and easy to connect with for questions. Absolutely impressed and happy with the result.

      Glenn B.

      Exceptional quality

      Great product and company helpful and polite in every way, if there is a problem they make it right immediately. They are true to their word and put quality above all. Excellent!

      Jenn M.

      Thin and comfy

      I tried this type guard for the first time and it's far less cumbersome than those available from the dentist. It's thinner so that it's helpful rather than a hindrance. The price is great and shipping was fast. I'll be back!

      Margaret T.

      Fast and affordable

      What I ordered was what was delivered within a week after sending in impressions. Comfortable fit and way easier to deal with than what the dentist had to offer in both turnaround time for the product and price!

      Caitlin F.


      I am very pleased with how effective their slim, upper-mouth guard is; it's comfortable to wear and also gets the job done to prevent teeth grinding.

      Stephie K.

      Great option

      The 'boil and bite' type guards you can get in the store are laughable, and with dentist office prices, this was a great in-between. Clear, precise instructions for doing my impression made it a snap. While I was told 3 weeks may be the turnaround time, being in the 'slow' part of the year, my turnaround was just over a week! Way earlier than I expected. Very happy with my purchase.

      P B.

      Grateful Repeat Customer

      I finally wore out my original night guards from BITEKNIGHT. Reordering was easy because they already had my impression from first order. I was offered a repeat customer discount and the guards arrived as requested. They were not as comfortable as previous ones. When I let James know he immediately made it right by modifying a new set of night guards based on my concerns and sending them out, no charge. This set is just right. I an a grateful and happy customer.

      United States United States


      The only reason I'm giving 4 stars instead of 5.It's because we're my mouth guard was cut.It's very rough, a rough, a rough, a rough, a rough, a rough, a rough, a rough, a rough, a rough, a rough, a rough, a rough, a rough, a rough, a rough, a rough, a rough, a rough around the edges, and I've had to file it off the best.I could to keep from cutting my lip.

      Emily J.


      Love the way my night guard feels! I've tried both the soft and combo and they both are comfortable. I do like the latter better overall. I was used to my expensive dentist-fitted night guard and this is even a better fit.

      Mark C.

      Upgrade from soft version

      The first guard I ordered was the soft version, which I liked a lot, but did not stand up to my grinding. Upgrading to the hybrid night guard and I hope I get better performance.

      Paul A.

      Convenient and fast

      This online process was very straightforward in terms of making the mold, mailing it in, etc. It was much faster, more convenient, and cost-effective than the alternative of going through a dentist, which I had considered. The guard fits very well and seems to be very high quality.

      Glen K.

      Effective and comfortable~

      I really like my night guard. I've been wearing it every night, and it took me awhile to get back into the habit since I lost my old one almost a year ago. The guard really molds to my upper teeth very well.

      Julia A.

      Easy and helpful

      They made it so easy! I called them and got all my questions answered. As a bonus, the price was very reasonable. Instructions were very clear. My guard fits perfectly and my jaw pain has improved. What more can I ask for?

      Kelly T.

      Saved a lot

      My dentist wanted to charge me almost $500 for a mouth guard, and only $100 is knocked off for insurance. And I found out only half coverage for crowns which I also needed. Maybe my insurance is just bad lol. But anyway I found BiteKnight and saved a bunch of money. The cost was much less than my deductible from insurance. So far, I like my guard, and I’m confident I can rely on BiteKnight if anything happens to it.

      Rachel C.

      Comfortable bite guard

      This is my second bite guard. The first guard I got from Brian a couple of years ago. I contacted him again and it seems he is no longer there, but they verified my previous impressions are on file and can make a new order from them after making sure I did not need any adjustments. This time I ordered a hybrid one, and I am very pleased with it. I did not realize how bad I needed a new one. This bite guard is very comfortable. My gums have adjusted very quickly to it, and I don't even remember I have it.

      Patty J.


      I ordered the hybrid because I have slight spacing between some teeth and they said it still has some flexibility so it should be good. I am very happy with my purchase. I've been using it for a few weeks now, and I have never been happier. They all fit so well, and my sleep has improved. It's really well-made and there are no gaps to collect gunk.