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    • Highest level of comfort - the Flex is soft throughout
    • Strong enough to prevent damage from teeth grinding; easiest to wear
    • Excellent first-time upgrade from “boil & bite” guards

    As comfortable as night guards get, the Flex gently stretches over your teeth to provide a soft but protective barrier that prevents damage from teeth grinding. If you are a light grinder or only clench your teeth, the Flex guard can provide you with plenty of protection without sacrificing any comfort.

    Even if you are a moderate or severe grinder, the Flex will comfortably prevent damage to your teeth and jaw - and the replacement cost is so low that maintaining protection is super affordable.




    Sign up for a subscription to have the chance to save on your next order. You won’t be charged automatically, but can choose to reorder at over 50% savings if you would like.


    The Flex guard is made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), which is a soft material that has been used in medical devices for decades.

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    Care Instructions

    Clean with a mild soap and soft brush on a daily basis. For more detailed care instructions, please see our use & care guide.

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    Ann C.

    Perfect fit

    I am absolutely thrilled with the fit. I didn't know I needed a new night guard. It is the best deep sleep I have had in a long time. I wish I wouldn't have waited so long. When you get used to it... I forget I have it in.

    Michelle D.
    United States United States

    Great fit!

    My bite guards were a perfect fit and work great. The ordering experience and customer service have been great so far.

    Tamara B.
    United States United States

    Great product & outstanding service!

    I was so pleased with the comfort, fit & durability of my Biteknight Flex Guard that when it came time to replace it (2 years later) I once again purchased from Biteknight. Note that even though I’d worn it almost every night, it was not worn through….just looked a bit faded. Thanks BiteKnight!

    Gloria H.

    Great buy!

    So far the device has worked great. It was somewhat difficult to do the mold yourself, but following the directions carefully, they eventually came out perfect. You have to push VERY hard on the tray against your teeth to make it deep enough. As of now, I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I am on the subscription program for every 4 or 5 months.

    Giselle C.
    United States United States

    Great product

    My experience was amazing- customer service goes above and beyond to help

    Rowan F.
    United States United States

    Comfort over durability

    Up front, I love these guards because they fit better and are for more comfortable than even the ones I've had from the dentist. However, since I didn't go for the thinnest/lightest option I'd hoped for moderate durability. Previous guards have lasted me a year or more, but with this one I already have some small holes forming from chewing through it and will unfortunately have to replace it much sooner.

    Kelly D.

    Affordable but still great

    I had tried one I bought on amazon and then found BiteKnight due to the buy one get one deal. I'm glad I did. It was a little more money in terms of average price per guard, but well worth it. Customer service is excellent, the quality of the guard is far superior. All of the instructions, including the way you ship your mold in, are easy and clear directions, and the finished product is excellent. I highly recommend these folks!!

    Grace W.

    Comfortable and easy to fit

    This is the third mouthguard that I've acquired since I started clenching and grinding in my 20s, and so far it is by far my favorite! It was easy to fit, and the texture is far more comfortable and soothing than the hard sports type guard I'd been wearing before. It had cool colors but was very bulky and not the right choice. This one is highly recommended!

    Gary S.


    This product is excellent, and the subscription is very nice! The quality of this night guard is at least as good as guards you can get through your dentist. Additionally, the subscription plan means that you are getting the best price on all future orders.

    Chad A.

    Quality Guard

    I've been using a "boil and bite" occlusal guard for the last couple of years; however, I seem to keep losing them. I searched Google for alternatives to the dentist office and found BiteKnight thanks to all their positive reviews. Happy to report a similar experience! Thanks BiteKnight!

    Robert J.

    Perfect for grinding

    If you're like me and grind your teeth, then this is a perfect fit for you. I've had mouth guards custom-made before, but they never fit like this.

    Li W.

    Good Customer Service

    Regarding my experience, I had not a very good first experience, but the customer support is very effective and kind. They worked with me through my fitting issue and were able to ship out my new mouthguard faster. My second time around was better; the mouthguard fits well. I appreciate BiteKnight Labs for everything.

    Andrew S.

    Affordable and good quality

    This was an excellent experience for me in so many ways. I had this custom fit at a price that is 60% less expensive than the guard from my dentist's office. With an easy kit that they sent, I made the mold in less than 5 minutes, and they now offer 3 different thicknesses in their soft and hard night guards. I love the one I chose, but nice to know the thinner options are there.

    Tony C.

    Fit is good but really no better than store bought for twice as much. I am an expert though :)

    Kaylie D.

    Soft mouth guard is great

    I will never shop my dentist for a mouth guard ever again! I grind my teeth at night, and my hygienist recommended I consider getting a guard. She quoted me $500.00. I decided to save over $400.00 and shop with BiteKnight. Extremely fast service, and I love the extra guard free! I’ll definitely be referring people. Two thumbs up. I am glad I got this soft night guard instead of the hybrid. The soft model is amazing. I am clenching more so than grinding, so this is best for me.

    Anna T.

    Great service and excellent product. I prefer this over the one made for me by the dentist at over four times the cost. I appreciate the guarantee on the fit, which provides peace of mind in making this choice. I love this product and will definitely recommend it to others. Affordable, superior quality.